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More about Gladiolus

The birth flower for August is the Gladiolus. The August flower has almost 260 species, out of which 250 species originated from sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the species are native to Europe and Asia.

Origin of Name:
The name Gladiolus has Latin roots and comes from the Latin word 'Gladius' that means a sword. Hence, the birth flower is named after its sword-like shape. The other common names are 'Sword Lily' and 'Gladiola'. The word Gladiator also has its origins from the same Latin word.

Symbolic Meaning:
The Gladiolus signifies a strong character and focus. It also signifies commemoration, devotion, and loyalty towards the family. Back in the Victorian era, the flower would signify 'love at first sight'.

Personality Traits:
The people with Gladiolus as birth flower are believed to be amiable and fervent in nature. They are very intelligent people and fight hard for achievement. August born people often desire to be leaders in their respective fields.

Significance During Events & Holidays:
The Gladiolus is often exchanged on special occasions. It is often given on Friendship day (1st Sunday of August) and on Senior Citizen's Day (August 8). The August birth flower is also a common gift on Sisters day (August 5).

Interesting facts:
- Gladiolus is found in all colors except blue.
- The plant bears bisexual flowers.


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