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More about Lily of the Valley

The birth flower for May is the Lily of the Valley. It means that all the people born in May share this bell-shaped flower as their birth flower. The Lily of the Valley is believed to be originated in the cooler regions of Europe and Asia. Also, some species of the May flower are native to eastern USA.

Origin of Name:
The scientific name for Lily of the Valley is, 'Majalis' or 'Maialis' which means 'belonging to May'. The Lily of the Valley also has many formal names like May Lily, May bells, Ladder-to-heaven and Male Lily. The flower is even called 'Muguet' in french.

Symbolic Meaning:
The Lily of the Valley is a primeval flower and carries deep meanings with it. This May birth flower strongly signifies the return of joy. It also signifies humility, purity, and lovability. Lily of the Valley also signifies the sign of Christ's second coming and thus, symbolizes optimism and faith.

Personality Traits:
The people with Lily of the Valley birth flower are believed to be attractive and amiable human beings. They possess a realistic attitude towards life and can easily tackle demanding situations. May born people are usually sweet and faithful friends.

Significance During Events & Holidays:
May Lily flowers are often sported on special occasions. The flowers hold meaning in celebrations of occasions like May day (May 1) and Cinco de Mayo. The sweet scented, graceful looking May birth flower is most preferred by the wedding planners and brides and is hence, widely used in weddings.

Interesting facts:
- Lily of the Valley is the national flower of Finland.
- The plant is highly poisonous.
- Medical usage of the flower is believed to improve memory
- Lily of the Valley is called as 'fairy ladders' in Ireland.


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