Aquarius Woman


If you are an Aquarius woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Aquarius woman, this is the right place. Know about Aquarius woman characteristics.

Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman has a resistance to change, is communicative and wants to make the world a better place to live in. As the Aquarius is a fixed, air sign, the Aquarius woman is logical and thinks with her mind rather than the heart. She is also very original, honest and intelligent and it's almost impossible to predict her actions or words.

Positive traits of the Aquarius woman:

The Aquarius woman is inventive with her ideas, progressive, and an intellectual person. She cares for others and loves freedom.

In Friendship:

She makes many friends in her life, but belongs to none. Her friends look up to her as she is easygoing and compassionate. All in all, she is a good friend.

In Love:

She is very committed in her relationship and believes in the saying that 'first love never dies'. When she falls in love, she will be loyal to the man she loves.

At Work:

The Aquarius woman wants freedom in her professional life as well. Her want of freedom makes her do new things and experiment in her work. She would do well in fields of science, technology or humanities.

Negative traits of the Aquarius woman:

She simply cannot be tied down to do something that others want her to do. She is also detached and unemotional.

In Friendship:

She is a social butterfly, but isn't emotionally attached to her friends. This can bring about inconsistencies in the friendship. Others may think of her as their friend, but she has many friends and doesn't rely on them.

In Love:

She is detached from a relationship. This doesn't mean she doesn't love her partner, but she simply isn't the type to send flowery messages or express her feelings well. This will send a wrong message across to her partner who may feel she is not interested in the relationship.

At Work:

Since she is unpredictable, no one knows what her further plans are. This makes working with her a tough task. Also, she will do what she pleases and will hardly ever change. She will listen to others opinions but will not accept them. If the work is not challenging enough for her, she will immediately leave it.

These are a few positive and negative traits of the Aquarius woman.


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