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More about Turquoise

The December birthstone is Turquoise. The word 'turquoise' is named after the country 'Turkey' because the stone made its way to Europe from Turkey. The color of the turquoise varies from sea blue, sea green to light sky blue. In the ancient days, it was believed that the Turquoise birthstone protected the wearer from all types of evil and illness. It was also believed that Turquoise brings happiness, strength and good luck to the wearer. Turquoise was a popular gemstone to be used in jewelry in Victorian times.

Turquoise birthstone signifies good fortune, success, wealth and joy. The changing color of the Turquoise with time symbolizes the age cycle from birth to death.

If you wear your birthstone turquoise, it is supposed to bring these positive changes in you. You will be a smarter person. You will generally achieve what you strive for. Your relationships will improve. You will be more open about your thoughts and more spiritual. You will be a more caring and kind person. Your creativity level will increase.


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