Cancer Man In Love


Falling in love with a Cancer man? Find out how will the Cancer man be in love. Learn about Cancer love compatibility.

Cancer Man In Love

A Cancer man appears to be apathetic from the outside but is a hard-core romantic and a soft-hearted person on the inside. The hard exterior that is portrayed protects the vulnerable nature of the Cancer man. Thus, looking at him initially may not project the romantic in him. He hides his real and true feelings deep inside and thus, his partner will find it very difficult to decipher him. Also, his nature of being happy and joyful at one time and then immediately being sad and low the next, will confuse his partner. He is confident about himself but still sometimes feels the need to be reassured by his partner of how much he is loved. Thus, a Cancer male will always seek verbal reassurance from his partner about her commitment and seriousness to the relationship. He needs to have constant encouragement and support from his partner in whatever he does- be it work or things outside work. He may not completely get over his past relationships which would affect his current love life.

One positive quality in a Cancer male is that he gives his whole self to his partner. He is completely committed to his partner. He is a loyal and loving partner. He is happy with one woman in his life and would never seek infidelity. He would pamper and take care of his partner till she is satisfied. He will try not to leave a chance for her to complain. Since security is an important part of his life, he tends to stick to one partner itself. He fears rejection. In case, he is rejected by his partner, it is very difficult for him to get over her and move on. He does not get over people or things very easily. It is best to give the Cancer man some space when he feels sad or distressed.

Thus, a Cancer man is a loyal partner, but his tendency to hold on to unnecessary things may lead to some trouble if not taken care of.


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