Cancer Woman


If you are a Cancer woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Cancer woman, this is the right place. Know about Cancer woman characteristics.

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is very instinctive and emotional. She belongs to the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is symbolized by the crab and ruled by the moon. This gives the Cancer woman the characteristics of both the moon and the crab. Similar to the crab, she is soft from inside and shows a tough exterior to the outside world. With regards to the moon, she has variant mood fluctuations just like the phases of the moon.

Positive traits of the Cancer woman:

The Cancer woman is fairly perceptive, loving and amicable. She will love and care for those who are close and dear to her. This indicates that she is a very homely person.

In Friendship:

Her helpful and caring nature is a great asset for her friends. She is supportive to her friends in their plans and will never shy away to help them if need be. Her friends can also depend on her whenever required.

In Love:

She is very affectionate in her relationships too and gives immense love and care to her partner. She doesn't expect much in return, but if hurt she will never forget it.

At Work:

She is quite lively and energetic at work and likes to complete her work on time. She works well in a team and can accomplish her goals with the help of her intuitive mind.

Negative traits of the Cancer woman:

The Cancer woman can be too clingy at times and she needs constant support. She is also a bit wrapped up with herself and will hardly ever tell anyone if something is wrong in her life. Her mood fluctuations are also something to look out for.

In Friendship:

She listens to her friends' problems and tries to make them feel good. But she doesn't open up and this might lead to her friends thinking that she doesn't want to share anything about herself.

In Love:

She has a tendency to hold on to her relationships. So if something bad has happened to her in the past, she will not be able to forget it. Similarly, when in love, she likes to hold on to the relation. This might make the partner feel that she is not giving him his space.

At Work:

Her moody tendency may lead to disadvantages for her at work. Also, in the beginning, she is shy to approach others and this may hinder her professional growth.

In short, the Cancer woman is a friendly and homely person, but is also clingy and moody.


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