Capricorn Man And Leo Woman


Are the Capricorn man and Leo woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Capricorn man and Leo woman.

Capricorn Man - Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Bring a Capricorn man and a Leo woman together and you will have the perfect combination that epitomizes the theory of 'opposites attract'. Though the couple doesn't have characteristics that are poles apart, they do have qualities that can distinctly be narrowed down to each of them. While the Capricorn man is a home-y soul, the Leo woman is almost a party animal. And while the Capricorn man puts his family first, the Leo woman is known to put herself on the pedestal. The woman in the relationship here, may enjoy her freedom and independence but being with the Capricorn man will just makes things worse for her.

So when one sees the two individuals together, a few questions are bound to be asked. People will wonder, stare and question the couple in amazement. They will also get over the surprise as quickly as it caught their fancy but this couple is sure to grab eyeballs wherever they go. Fairly compatible with each other, this pair is often found to be doing adventurous things together. They understand what they other craves and they do not mind sacrificing a bit for the happiness of the other. There is a firm layer of intelligence in them topped by the desire to stay happy, a combination that allows them to accomplish most things they list down for themselves.

Though the Leo woman will be overshadowed by the Capricorn man once they tie the knot, she will not appreciate this in her husband. She likes her freedom and her life and will not give it up for anyone or anything in the world. Ask a Capricorn man to make some sacrifices and he will be ready to do so because for him, family comes first. But ask the Leo woman to do some favors and you will get a firm 'no'. This relationship may see a lot of dominance by the Leo woman, because that is her character but the imbalance of power here may be a little too strong for the Capricorn man. His ego is sure to take a hit and while that happens, one can be sure that this relationship will hit rocky waters.

he key to make this work is to add a little bit of compromise on either side and allow the couple to breathe comfortably within their own spaces. The minute a partner starts invading boundaries demarcated by the other, the fights and arguments will start. This is a tricky combination and a volatile on at that but if the two individuals can handle it, then there is nothing like it! The relationship can sparkle or burn, but it totally depends on how much fuel the couple adds to the existent fire.


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