Gemini Man In Love


Falling in love with a Gemini man? Find out how will the Gemini man be in love. Learn about Gemini love compatibility.

Gemini Man In Love

Known for his extrovert nature, a Gemini man is also very malleable, chatty, amusing and is bored of monotony. A Gemini man is supposed to be a very versatile person. In love, a Gemini male is good because of some qualities but also gets thumbs down due to his characteristics itself.

A Gemini male has a very charismatic personality which magnetizes a woman in the first go itself. His personality captures everyone's attention. Another quality that is alluring in a Gemini man is his intelligence. His intellectual and logical talks can make any woman feel drawn to him. This along with his witty and sarcastic nature is a fantastic combination.

Once he starts liking a woman, he becomes very inquisitive to know each and every detail about that woman. He at each step will look for something new in that woman to explore. He has a quick understanding and comprehension process. Many women find this quality of a Gemini male very appealing since they get a lot of attention. But, some women find it as intrusion of her private life. But, he is a charmer and hard to resist. So, most of the women will not take it in a negative way.

Gemini man is said to be dually adept at everything. Thus, the first impression about a Gemini male can throw you off course. Generally a date with a Gemini man can be very lively and entertaining but expecting a long term relationship is somewhat difficult. Thus, any woman looking to have a long term relationship with a Gemini man should not take this first impression very seriously and look deep inside of him to know the real him.

A Gemini man needs change in his love life, work or even social life. Thus, if his partner does not offer innovation in their relationship, he may get very bored and end the relationship immediately. He is not an emotional being. He thinks from his head and not heart. Being over-emotional is detested by a Gemini man. Freedom and change is a mandatory requirement for any Gemini man in a relationship.


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