Leo Man And Pisces Woman


Are the Leo man and Pisces woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Leo man and Pisces woman.

Leo Man - Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

A Leo man can give any other sign in the zodiac tough competition as regards to his pride and egoistic nature. The lion is such an animal that he possesses strong qualities that do not let him live his life in any other way than what is pre-determined for him. The phrase - 'my way or the high way' sits perfectly well for him and anyone who tries to mess with him needs to be ready to face his wrath. He need not verbally assault a man who has offended him but he can pull strings that will make the man realize his mistake.

However, a Pisces woman is substantially very shifty and moody. The sign of her zodiac - the two fish that move in opposite directions represent her moodiness. She can be with you in a room physically, but mentally, she may be in her own paradise. A Pisces woman can be intense in expressing herself and can love you unconditionally if you find yourself a special place in her life. She will stay behind closed doors and may be very secretive with you until she knows you can be trusted.

A relationship between a Leo man and a Pisces woman may be overwhelming to understand. The two signs are fundamentally opposed to each other but can make it work if they do things correctly. While the Pisces woman is laid back, calm and relaxed, her partner - the Leo man is passionate and urgent in whatever he does. He likes a little spice in his life whereas she doesn't really care for the limelight that her partner wants to see himself in.

Thus, as individuals, the Leo man and the Pisces woman want different things from life. If they want to make their relationship work, they have to work hard and ensure that their differences complement each other rather than create more trouble for them. They should work on their present for a stable and secure future. And before they commit to a lifetime together, they must test the waters well before taking the big plunge. As its noted, prevention is better than cure and this applies well to the Leo man and the Pisces woman.


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