Leo Man And Taurus Woman


Are the Leo man and Taurus woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Leo man and Taurus woman.

Leo Man - Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Trust a Leo man and a Taurus woman to share similar passions in life. While Taurus is represented by the bull, a lion symbolizes Leo. Both animals are headstrong and share a mutual desire for all things lavish. A Taurus woman will never indulge in something substandard and will get encouraged on this front by her Leo man, who himself will earn money only to spend big!

When a Leo man comes together with a Taurus woman in a relationship, he will find himself in his element of comfort. There won't be much bickering and fighting and on a scale of one to ten that will gauge their compatibility, the couple will stand at around seven. This is a good measure of their togetherness because whatever little room for problem still stands; the practical mind of both the individuals will help overcome it.

Significantly, a Leo man will always want a little extra from his relationship and the world. He is the 'king' in the truest sense of the word because his appetite for compliments and flattery can give any woman a run for her money. Try and fiddle with the Leo and you will be sure to suffer his wrath.

The Leo man will circumstantially be under the limelight for most part of his life. Whether he will excel at academics or in business cannot be said, but whenever you find a Leo man in the room, you will see an entourage of sorts around him. This can work in the favor of the Taurus woman but it can also put her off immensely. While she may try and accept living under constant accolades as a part of her life, somewhere, at some point in time, she will start feeling inferior to her partner.

A Taurus woman is fundamentally very practical and conscious about her life. She is very realistic and takes decisions based on facts. She lets her mind rule over her heart and spends her days saving for the future. Though this is a good quality that should be appreciated in her, the Leo man will look at it as a constraint in his life. He will feel constrained by it because of his liking towards luxury.

To see a Leo man and a Taurus woman together is very common and one can expect their passion and respect for each other to shine through their behavior. Both are individuals who appreciate life and everything that comes with it. Though their outlook towards certain problems may be different, the end result will almost always be the same for both of them.

Living life in each other's company will be exciting and thrilling for both the individuals.


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