Pisces Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Pisces? Find out on this page the character traits of Pisces.

Pisces Traits

1. Peaceful

You are a very peace loving person and are totally against any kind of arguments or fights. You like a calm and peaceful life. You don't want to do anything that disrupts other people's peace and calm too.

2. Compassionate

You are very kind in nature. You like to help others and if they come to you with their problem, you tend to understand what they are going through. You support others in what they do and are also compassionate towards other people's feelings.

3. Like to be at home

As you tend to be quiet in nature, you like to be at home rather than in the outer world. You like the peaceful and calm confines of your home and you spend most of your time at home.

4. Like to daydream

All Pisces are dreamers. You love to travel in your imaginary world. You are like the wind which flows in the direction it wants to. You imagine a lot and people may think you are just dreaming about impossibilities. But you love to daydream too.

5. Friendly

Even if you like to stay at home often, you do have lots of friends and acquaintances. You like to make friends and are quite happy with them. Even your friends love to be with you.

6. Don't like criticism

As mentioned earlier, you like to imagine a lot. But people don't understand you and so you may find yourself being criticized often by others. But you can't take criticism nicely. Even if you get healthy criticism, it doesn't go down too well with you.

7. Sympathetic

You are caring towards others and understand them well. You are not at all self-centered and like to be with others. You are of a very sympathetic nature.

8. Modest You are not among those people who will boast about what you've done or where you've been to or any such thing. You are content in your world and will never go around showing off your qualities or possessions.

9. Sensitive

You are very sensitive and may get hurt easily if someone says something to you. But when it comes to supporting others in their times of need, you do that readily as you're sensitive and understand their problems as well. You also tend to be quite sentimental and emotional.


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