Scorpio Personality


Are you trying to know how an ideal Scorpio person's personality should be? Do you want to know the qualities and characteristics of Scorpio? Find out the Scorpio personality right here.

Scorpio Personality

1. Stubborn

Scorpios fall more towards the stubborn side of the scale. They want others to listen to them and not question their opinions. If they have decided about something, it's very difficult for them to budge on it. Also, they don't like those who keep secrets or hide anything from them.

2. Honest

One thing that Scorpios can't tolerate is dishonesty towards them. They don't like anyone who deceives them in anyway. They are always truthful and honest in their lives and so they expect others to be the same. But if they find out if anyone close to them has cheated on them in some way, they will never forgive them.

3. Committed

Scorpio is a very intense sign. So, Scorpios are very dedicated in their lives. This applies to their relationships too. Once they are committed, they will not cheat on their partner. Firstly, they won't commit if they are not sure about the relationship themselves.

4. Don't like to be flattered

Scorpios are quite practical and in touch with reality. They know their strengths and weaknesses very well. So if someone flatters them just for the sake of it, they will hardly be impressed. Also, they dislike dishonest people and so flattery is a waste of time when it comes to Scorpios.

5. Dominant

As Scorpios are stubborn, they also tend to be domineering in their relationship. They want authority and like to make decisions for themselves and their partner.

6. Obsessive

Scorpios take everything in their life very seriously. They will go to great lengths to achieve success, to accomplish their personal goals and such things. Similarly, they will never take a relationship lightly. Their partner is the most important person to them and so they tend to be over caring about them.

7. Intense

As mentioned earlier, Scorpio is an intense sign. It's clear then that they also have an intense personality. It means that they perform every action in their life with zeal and fervor.

8. Sensitive

Scorpios may be stubborn and dominating in life. But, they are very sensitive people at heart. If they love someone, it's with their whole heart but if they hate someone, their hatred will surpass everything else.

9. Ambitious

Scorpios are very ambitious when it comes to their work. They will not compromise in their professional life ever. If they are assigned any task, they will perform it diligently.


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